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Supporting Our Local Business Ecosystem


Our communities are close-knit, symbiotic, and interconnected. We’re here to help our local businesses, entrepreneurs, and their great ideas succeed – because when one of us thrives, so does the whole community.


Whether this is your first or fifteenth time starting a new business, it’s going to come with its challenges. We can help your idea get off the ground through our suite of services, combined experience, and expert advice.


Every business faces challenges, especially in today’s ever-changing world. Recent events have taken their toll on businesses large and small, and we want to help revitalize our local economy by helping as many as possible bounce back.


If your business is going well, the natural next step is to expand! Whether you’re looking into purchasing more and/or a greater variety or inventory, or you’re thinking about opening a new location, you’ll find the resources you need to succeed right here.

Who Are We

How We Got Started

At the Bootstrap Collaborative, we love our community. We’re invested in it. And we want our local businesses to succeed. After seeing the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic took on many of the businesses that we know and love (not to mention their owners!), five local Fremont County resources decided to get together and see what we could do to help our community. They include:

Today, we’re thrilled to be able to give back by helping others succeed. Funding for this effort is provided by a grant from the USDA Rural Development – Rural Innovation Stronger Economy (RISE).

Here is a news article on our background.

Who Are We


Central Wyoming College Foundation Director Beth Monteiro said the expertise and activities offered by each partner will expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Fremont County.

“This collaboration will open up possibilities for businesses to locate to our region through expanded broadband access, will market these opportunities more robustly, and will provide support throughout the process of relocation,” she said.

CWC’s Dean of Business, Technical, and Health Services, Lynne McAuliffe, noted that “the funding will build off of CWC’s Entrepreneurship Essentials program, which is co-taught by a CWC business professor and the UW Entrepreneur-in-Residence.” This program will be offered alongside additional courses and workshops, as well as training sessions and an annual career fair offered by CWC’s Workforce Development department.

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From assistance with how to keep good records, we have all the resources you need to succeed.


If you’re looking for funding in order to kickstart your business, we can help you apply for what you need.


Keeping track of all aspects of your financials can quickly get overwhelming. Learn tips and tricks from our experts.


Finances make or break a business! We’ll help you manage everything from debt to cashflow.


Knowledge is power, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of business. Learn from the best right here, close to home!


Once the nuts and bolts are in place, it’s time to get your idea out there! We’ll help you navigate the world of marketing.

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