May 21, 2024

Navigating supply chain chaos – Practical tools for Wyoming Businesses

Carlos Whittaker

Feeling the pinch of supply chain chaos? It’s your moment to seize control. Discover the power of efficient supply chain management to skyrocket profitability through optimized inventory, logistics, and supply control. Stay ahead of the curve and supercharge your bottom line starting today!

Supply Chain Training

Thursday, June 13, 2024
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Intertribal Education & Community Center, Room ITEC 106
Central Wyoming College, Riverton

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Main themes:

  • How can you leverage your supply chain for competitive advantage? How does the supply chain drive true value to your business and support top-line growth?
  • What are the main causes of supply chain turmoil? How are they impacting Wyoming businesses? What can you do to stop fighting it and start fixing it?
    • Embracing the VUCA world: navigating volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • What are key supply chain management fundamentals and some practical tools to help boost profitability, build flexibility, and enhance customer service and employee

The day-long workshop will be centered around 3 main components of the supply chain:

  1. Inventory management – the backbone of your business operations
  2. Logistics management – streamlining inbound and outbound transportation, warehousing and distribution
  3. Supply management – procurement, contracting, supplier management, building strong relationships for long-term success

Each segment will be structured as follows:

  1. Back to basics: 101 supply chain fundamentals
  2. Unlocking competitive advantage through your supply chain
    1. Facing reality: how supply chain challenges are affecting Wyoming businesses
    2. Embracing change: Strategies for thriving in today’s volatile business environment
    3. Practical tools and tips to navigate these new realities and ensure the supply chain adds true value to the business, boosting profitability, flexibility and customer satisfaction
  3. Hands-on problem solving: Real-world case studies and group activities to put theory into practice
  4. Reflection – key takeaways, how to implement ideas back on the job

Conclusion: Crafting your Supply Chain Action Plan

  1. Putting it all together: Developing your supply chain action plan
  2. Open forum: Addressing your specific challenges and questions
  3. Moving forward: Resources and support available to implement your plan

Day’s Wrap-up: Networking Reception and Session

  • Connect with industry experts: SRM Insights and software solutions from Connex, NIST, etc.

Maria Jenks, Instructor, College of Business, University of Wyoming

Maria Jenks has served in various roles, leading supply chain, operations and finance functions at both large and small companies. Her corporate career included 25 years in the energy sector, as well as 10 years in the retail and banking industries. Prior to joining the University of Wyoming’s College of Business where she currently serves as an instructor, she was Vice President, Supply Chain for Evergy, a midwestern energy and electric company. Maria’s experience also includes construction projects, technology, supply chain and operational improvement projects, audit and risk management, strategy and mergers and acquisitions.

She is currently working with Wyoming Manufacturing Works under a grant received from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized manufacturers within Wyoming. Maria earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with a minor in Decision Science from Miami University in Ohio and her MBA from Rockhurst University. She and her husband, Charlie, reside in Laramie and enjoy volunteering with various community organizations.



Mike Hoyt, Director of Bootstrap Collaborative

Mike Hoyt is a local boy who graduated from high school in Lander. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies with a strong minor in Economics. He has always had a love for business, especially growth and continual improvement. He continued his studies with an MBA. He has worked in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, and higher education from small startups to large Fortune 500 companies. He has a passion for helping companies succeed and loves to dig into the details.

Mike enjoys and explores supply chain issues like inventory management, vendor partnerships, and navigating the difference between Just in Time and Just in Case strategies. His current position is the Director of the Bootstrap Collaborative at CWC, a grant-funded partnership with the aim of helping businesses across Fremont County. Mike has a big family with 7 children and loves recreation in Wyoming.


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